Fem Hair Remoover Cream Jar

Fem Complete Hair Removal System – 2 steps to well nourished soft, smooth skin.I hate injustice… Especially if it’s happening to my skin.Do you know the injustice hair removing creams can do to your skin? Find our for yourself — when Litmus paper is put on the skin after applying hair removing cream, its colour turns blue indicating that the skin has become Alkaline, making it prone to damage and becoming rough

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In addition to a Hair Removing Cream, it has a specially formulated ‘Extra Care’ Skin Nourishing Lotion with Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera and Calamine that restores the skin’s pH to normal. Now, when I put a litmus paper on the skin after applying this skin nourishing lotion, it doesn’t change its colour, indicating the skin is at neutral pH thereby ensuring nourished, smooth and soft skin.