Colgate Max White Toothpaste

The Colgate MaxWhite toothpaste with Mini-Bright Strips is a great toothpaste to consider using if you are looking to brighten your smile by removing stains from coffee or tea, tobacco, or other external staining factors. This toothpaste does not contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which is necessary to remove internal stains necessary to whiten teeth past their natural whiteness.This toothpaste is a great over-the-counter whitening product. If you are looking for an easy way to brighten your smile, the Colgate MaxWhite toothpaste with Mini-Bright Strips is definitely worth a try.

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Freshens breath with a refreshing, yet mild minty flavourWhitens your teeth by removing external stains by using silica in the toothpasteClear packaging let’s you see inside the tube, so you will never run out of toothpaste againContains cavity-fighting fluorideReasonably prices at a suggested $3.29, and available mass retail and grocery store nation wideConsThe flavour might be too mild for people looking for extreme breath fresheningWill not whiten your teeth beyond their natural colorDescriptionThe only toothpaste infused with hundreds of Mini-Bright Strips.MaxWhite toothpaste is sold in clear tube packaging and carton with this unique see-through window.Available in two flavors: Crystal Mint and Minty Sparkle.Available at mass retail and grocery stores nationwide.Colgate MaxWhite with Mini-Bright Strips 6.0 oz. suggested retail price is $3.29.

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