Cadbury 5 Star

5 Star is special; behind every bar of 5 Star, you will find a delighted person relishing every bit of it!With over 40 years of being a favorite of the Indian consumer, 5 Star still continues to be what it was back then ? a novel concept in the chocolate world!Launched in 1969, 5 Star soon became the star of every refrigerator and pocket; people could not resist biting into one. What made 5 Star so irresistible was the unique combination of chocolate, caramel, and nougat that set a new revolution in the making of chocolates. Never before had people bitten into something so chocolaty and deliciously chewy at the same time!Walk into any local mart across the country and a golden bevy of chocolate beauties will arrest your eye! One of the key properties that Cadbury 5 Star is associated with, is its classic Gold color.

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5 Star

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